MSS #038: How I doubled my rate of closing old boring actions.

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MSS #038: How I doubled my rate of closing boring actions.

30 September 23

MSS #038: How I doubled my rate of closing old boring actions.

30 September, 2023

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Some tasks are just boring and uninspiring – but they need to get done.

If you can delegate or outsource these, brilliant! If not what do you do to increase your completion rate?

Use psychology to help you.

Use the “because” technique and smooth the path to doubling your completion rate with a lot more gusto.

Ready to learn because it will make your life much better?

Crack on then.

How I doubled my rate of closing old boring actions. You can x2.

What could it do for you?

Is this you?

· Do you hate to-do lists? 😠

· Overwhelmed by endless unfinished tasks? 😩

· Stubborn tasks hanging around like a bad smell?

· Do you dream of a better way? That makes you want to complete those tasks?

· To enjoy the task, stay motivated and productive? 😍


Then I have a simple trick to change your life. 🙌

Called the "because" method. 🤔


What’s included.

1. Background; why it works

2. Queueing example

3. How to apply “because” technique for to-do lists

What could this do for you?

First some background…

👉Harvard Professor Ellen Langer experiments.

👉Showed people 55% more likely to agree.

👉To statements that have a "because“ plus a reason.

👉When bumping up in a queue.


Scenario – you are in a queue…

📌You want to go ahead of the person in front of you.

📌2 ways of asking to jump the queue…..

1."Excuse me, can I go before you, because I have an appointment. “

2."Excuse me, can I go before you please. “



Option 1. 55% more successful than 2.

Simply having a reason stated in the bit after “because” resulted in a 55% increase in success rate.

Almost regardless of the reason!


Apply this to your to do list.

All you have to do is,

write down the reason why you are doing each task, after the word "because".



Call John because he is a potential client and I want to close the deal. ☎️

Write a blog post because it will boost my online presence and attract more leads. 🖥️

Go for a run because it will make me feel good and improve my health. 🏃‍♂️


This simple technique will help you focus on the benefit of each task, rather than the effort or perceived difficulty. 😊

Also, anticipation releases Dopamine, helping motivation.

Some people think you get a Dopamine hit on completion of a task – wrong. Its ANTICIPATION = Dopamine

Next time you make a to-do list, try adding the word "because" to each task. with an explanation of why, you should complete it.

See how it boosts your motivation and performance.

You'll be amazed by the results. 😎

I know it sounds simple.

BUT it works, due to:-

· Psychology

· Connecting you to a Why

· Anticipation = Dopamine

You can even do the “because” part in your head.


Quick recap.

1. Science shows


2. Connecting to a reason is powerful.

3. Anticipation of success releases Dopamine which helps motivation.

4. It’s so simple to do.

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