MSS #037: How to get 3D focused, say goodbye to busyness.

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MSS #037: From busyness to busting it.

23 September 23

MSS #037: How to get 3D focused, say goodbye to busyness.

23 September, 2023

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Being busy, busy, busy is a common pastime.

Often busyness is seen as an indication of our value in a business.

In reality, it is easy to be busy.

Being effective and having enough time to reflect, re-energise and adjust the rudder is critical.

But there are so many things that can occupy our time.

Use my 3D approach to give you a simple framework to keep on track, more of the time.

Let’s go for it then.

Busyness vs Busting It!

Imagine dialing up your effectiveness.

We can relate to doing stuff that fills time and is comfortable to do.


Avoiding, putting off the important actions.

Use my 3D approach and accept each task you are about to embark on fits to only one of the 3D’s.


Before you start a task or activity or agree to take it on ask yourself which of the 3D’s this fits.

Let’s go through each of the 3D’s

Direction / Deliver

Moves me closer to my goal / objective - will help me DELIVER on my goal / objective.



Needs doing but not now.

If your convinced it’s important outsource  - if it keeps arriving in the delay pile DELETE IT.



Distractions are exactly that, they do not add value or move you forward, they are the things you do because they are easy, you like them or it fills time, making you feel busy.

Leave it alone, clearly not important - distract yourself with planned breaks to re-energise NOT procrastination delays


Conducting a 3D review

Every time you start an action / activity.

Ask yourself which of the 3D’s does it fit?


If something keeps appearing in DELAY, clearly not important – strike it from your list.

Make this a HABIT – keep asking which 3D.

DON’T allow unplanned distractions – only planned rest breaks, rewards for effort etc.

There are only these 3 options.




Anything else is analysis paralysis.


Questions to help you assess which 3D.

I’ll share some clarification questions you can ask yourself about each 3D.


Direction (Deliver)

📌Will this take me or my business forward?

📌Will this help me deliver what I committed to?

📌What goal or objective will this take me closer to?

📌Can you explain to a 4 year old why this action is so important?



📌Is this a key building block that MUST be done to achieve my goal?

📌Is there a better action that will move me forward quicker?

📌Does this have to be done now, or can it be done later?

📌Am I the best person to do this?



📌Will I be grateful I took this action in a week?

📌If I did not do this, would I notice next week?

📌Is this critical to achieving progress or a nice to do?

📌Is this task for you / your business or to help someone else?


Quick recap.

  • Assess every action activity before you start it.

  • Which 3D is it?


  • Plan distractions.

    That re-energise you – walk, mindfulness etc.

    As a reward for personal achievement.

  • Make it a habit to ask which 3D.

    Every day.

    Every action / activity.

  • Make sure you have a clear direction / goal to assess against.

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