MSS #034: How to manage your thoughts and gain back control.

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MSS #034: How to manage your thoughts.

2 September 23

MSS #034: How to manage your thoughts and gain back control.

2 September, 2023

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Our minds are our own yep?

Yet how come when all those thoughts are whizzing around, it feels like our thoughts are running the show not us?

The simple answer is because we have not invested a bit of time training our brains. With simple habits, that then become the operating system. But an operating system we rationally chose, not one that has just evolved.

Credit for this technique goes to the amazing Mo Gawdat from his book “That little voice in your head”.

It takes a bit of practice, but well worth switching off social media for a few minutes a day and doing this.

Let’s go for it then.

How to build a simple habit to train your brain.

Ready to create some peace in your mind? To be able to calm your thinking?

Take control of too many thoughts?

Try this, brain training, that leads calm thinking.

Practice this.

Once a day.


Start with 30 seconds.

Same time every day.

Gradually do it for longer, until you work up to 30 mins.

If you miss out 1 day – no fuss

Try not to miss 2 days in succession.

If it takes a month or two to get to 30 mins – that’s fine.

Consistency is the AIM.

Here’s the technique.

Find a safe place to focus – where you won’t be disturbed.

Make sure you are safe and not controlling, operating or monitoring anything.


Rules are,

1. Allow your thoughts to flow.

2. Acknowledge each thought by repeating it back.

3. No analysis or judgement of thoughts – simply accept the thought.

4. No repeating the same thought.

Examples below.

Example questions and responses.

Your minds thought (examples)

Your response - what you say in your head

I forgot to phone Fred back last week, oh damn! Really annoying.

Thanks for reminding me I forgot Fred easily fixed – next thought.

That car was noisy.

Yes, it was noisy – next please.

I am really busy at the moment.

Thanks for letting me know I am busy – next thought.

Francis was really rude earlier.

Yes, Francis was rude – next one.

I hope the car service goes ok with no surprises.

Yes, that would be nice – next thought.

The last car service was really expensive.

Sorry we have had this one already – next thought please

Weather is nice today.

Thanks for noticing the nice weather.

Here’s an explanation.

Thoughts cluster with similar ones – the no repeat rule, trains the brain not to fixate or exaggerate.

Acknowledging thoughts without judgement or examination – teaches the brain to let go of thoughts, accepting them as simply thoughts.

It’s a form of meditation / mindfulness – as you are focussed on ONE thing only, the next thought.


Quick recap.

  • Make it a daily habit.

  • Start for 30 seconds, build to 30 mins.


  • Allow thoughts to flow.

  • Acknowledge each thought.

  • No analysis of thoughts – simply accept.

  • No repeat thoughts.


  • Missing one day is fine or an odd day.

  • Try not to miss 2 days in a row.

  • Credit for technique– Mo Gawdat “That little voice in your head”

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